We go back in time to the golden age. An asteroid impact will wipe them off the face of the earth. However, we were able to take a sneak peak at the gigant reptiles.

Paleontologists were only able to recover some bones, but with our time machine we managed to dive into the dinosaur’s culture and we found that they were even more stylish than the humans…

the beasts

All these guys were hand-drawn, each accessory is specifically designed for each species. This is not fast fashion. Check the creative process.

- -


AKA the King. The most formidable predator to walk the Earth. It had banana-sized teeth. Definitely the scariest looking of them all.


Probably wasn’t a very fast one. With among the largest skull of any land creature. We think it was also the smartest.


The largest of them all, bigger that a basketball court from head to tail. One of the largest known animals to ever walk on our planet. Size does matter.


Its name meaning¬† is ‘quick plunderer’, AKA the Usain Bolt of dinosaurs. Probably not as big as in the movies, but cool looking nevertheless.


A small-headed beast, with a tiny brain brain but we still think he was a cool one. We don’t know the true color of its spikes. Or do we?


Token contract


the herd

Meet the team, the furious six 

Pitagorous Rex

Electrical engineer by profession. Developer during the day and a T-Rex at night (I leave it up to your imagination). Dinonerd.

Neil Stegrasse Tyson

Industrial engineer by profession. Physics aficionado. “I had an offer to work at space X but Elon couldn’t match 65’s proposal”.

Tricervan gogh

“I am probably busy dressing these god damn creatures. If I have to draw another hat I’m gonna erase myself.”

Veloda Vinci

“I used to be an engineer and inventor, but I decided to challenge myself and join this project”

Velociraac Newton

Social media presence. “For some reason I chose a scientist name. People tell me I was hit in the head as a child, so naturally I relate with Newton and his apple.

Argentinosaurus Messius

“Am I really a team member? I just like to play FIFA.”


Phase 1: TRIASSIC (33%)

250 to 200 million years ago

Phase 2: JURASSIC (33%)

200 to 150 million years ago

Phase 3: Cretaceous (33%)

150 to 65 million years ago


65 million years is an ecosystem themed around stylish dinosaurs. It will first consist of 8765 unique NFTs of the characters and later will evolve onto an online game.

1. Click on the mint section of the website or in the “Bring them back” button.

2. Connect your Metamask Wallet.

3. Select the number you want to buy (up to 20) and click on the “mint” button.

4. Confirm transaction on Metamask.

Once the website timer runs down, whitelisted addresses will have 2 hours to mint they characters. Afterwards, the minting process will be open to the public. Hope they last some other million years.

We see projects launching where people end up spending more on transaction costs rather than on the actual piece of art. We want to avvoid this as much as possible, specially for the little guy. Consequently, we will have daily competitions and task one can do in order to win a whitelist spot. Being active in the community will most likely get you a whitelist spot.

They were hand drawn by clothing/comic books artists. They have 89 unique traits that include eyes, hats, backgroud, shoes, pants, upper clother, full-body custumes, gloves, dino texture and color.

The possible combination of these objets is too large to count, and only 8765 will ever be minted, that will yield different levels of rarity. Maybe you get a trait so rare only a couple of characters possess.

The team started with two friends that are engineers by profession, and that also love gaming, crpyto and dinosaurs. The project is meant to combine all of them. Afterwards the team was completed with illustrators,  designers, 2D animators and lots of social media presence.

You can reach out to us on discord (https://discord.gg/NpXwsebsMk) or Twitter (https://twitter.com/65millionyears_)