Dinosaurs are brought to life on the Solana Blockchain. We’ve planted our collection of 650 unique NFTs on an entirely different sector in the marathon. 3 species will be minted and the rest airdropped for FREE to holders! More species are coming…

We know for decades paleontologists heavily believed that dinosaurs were savage and mindless beasts; however, utilizing advanced technology we have discovered that dinosaurs were far more in tune than us normal humans could possibly fathom.




Key takeaways (for the Too-Long-Didn’t-Read Dino)

– First 5-in-1 project on Solana. 5 species of dinosaurs. 500 NFTs of each. Yes… 5 times more design work than your usual project.

– Total supply 650. We will mint 3 species and then airdrop +3 species for free to our holders. Meteorites NFTs for whitelisted.

  • For mint: T-Rex, Argentinosaurus, and Triceratops
  • Aidropped for free: Velociraptor and Stegosaurus. More species to be developed by our artists after well-deserved rest.

– Money raised will be used to:

  • Keep creating and airdropping new dinosaurs species to holders for free (DAO will decide).
  • Fund paleontologist endeavors and dinosaur awareness.
  • Fund a project outside of crypto: A social platform with a community of creators to the most intricate scavenger hunts, riddles, and games (the earnings will buy floor)

the dinosaurs

There are 5 different species in existence within 65 Million Years, each with their own accessories designed specifically for that species. All of the dinosaur artwork is bespoke and hand drawn by our artists. We will develop more species after mint.

Each part of the dinosaur artwork has been hand drawn by a popular artist and then digitized. These different parts are then randomly mixed by our generative art code to produce the +200 unique NFTs of each species. Some of the unique and changing parts of the NFTs are: species, patterns, special items from TV shows and movies, eyes, hats, pants, shirts… 

The special items have already attracted a lot of interest and are expected to only be found on the rarest Dino’s, so keep your eyes peeled….

It’s started with a pencil

From paper to pixels

Generative art brings them back to life

Stylized on Solana

Immortalize them in your wallet


Our artists are taking a well-deserved rest. After the mint they will start drawing the 6th species to add another airdrop for our holders: Ankylosaurus. The 7th species will be decided by the community. Parasaurolophus? Canotaurus? Spinosaurus? Iguanudon?


The King of dinosaurs. One of the most formidable predators to ever walk the Earth, it had razor sharp teeth the size of bananas and feeds on any other living thing it can catch. Scary.


A herbivore with horns akin to a modern day rhinoceros used for charging others when threatened. It had the largest skull of any land creature housing a larger brain than the other dinosaurs. That doesn’t make it the smartest though, smarty pants.


The biggest dinosaur of them all, it was as long as two double decker buses, standing 70 feet tall and weighing as much as a passenger jet. Size does matter, big boy.


Lightening fast and quickest of all the dinosaurs. Some say Usain Bolt is descended from these ones. Intelligent and hunting in packs, velociraptors are something to be reckoned with.


With a brain the size of a pea, stegosaurus makes up for what it lacks in brain power with armour. Diamond shaped spines down its back and a club-like tail provided defence for this herbivore. Nobody knows the colour of its spines. Or do we…


Travel to the prehistoric age and immortalise them in the 21st century and beyond by bringing them back to your wallet. Once enabled, click on the button below to access the minting website.

Pubic mint: November 4th 6pm utc


View collection on magic eden


the herd

Meet the team. Introducing the dino crypto nerds that created 65 Million Years.

Pitagorous Rex

Electrical engineer by profession. Developer during the day and a T-Rex at night. Self-confessed dino-nerd, 5 years of crypto industry experience. “Bite me”

Neil Stegrasse Tyson

Industrial engineer by profession. Physics aficionado with a passion for blockchain technologies. “I had an offer to work at space X but Elon couldn’t satisfy my prehistoric desires”

Tricervan gogh

Full-time fashion designer and comic artist taking a first escapade into the world of NFTs. “If I have to draw another hat I’m gonna erase myself.”

Velociraac Newton

Marketing professional with over 10 years of crypto industry experience, including sourcing and launching crypto projects. “Rawr”

Argentinosaurus Messius

Experienced developer, experienced in front-end and blockchain development. “I just really like to play FIFA…”

Veloda Vinci

Engineer and inventor well versed in NFT projects. “I love challenges. Especially ones like bringing dinosaurs back from the dead…”


Electrical engineer by profession. Developer during the day and a T-Rex at night (I leave it up to your imagination). Dinonerd.

Neil Stegrasse

Industrial engineer by profession. Physics aficionado. “I had an offer to work at space X but Elon couldn’t match 65’s proposal”.


“I am probably busy dressing these god damn creatures. If I have to draw another hat I’m gonna erase myself.”


“I used to be an engineer and inventor, but I decided to challenge myself and join this project”


Social media presence. “For some reason I chose a scientist name. People tell me I was hit in the head as a child, so naturally I relate with Newton and his apple.

Argentinosaurus Messius

“Am I really a team member? I just like to play FIFA.”


UNDER PROMISE. OVER DELIVER. We want to be as clear as possible and honest with the roadmap. Better underpromise and overdeliver. We are doing this project because we are passionate about dinosaurs and blockchain, it’s that simple. 


  • November 3rd: 6 PM UTC. Whitelisted presale opens. Price: 0.5 SOL.
  • November 4th: 6 PM UTC. Mint 3 species. Price: 0.65 SOL.
  • November 15th: Airdrop 4th species for free to holders: Velociraptor.
  • November 19th: NFT collab with Luminous Uprising.
  • November 22nd: Airdrop 5th species for free to holders: Stegosaurus.
  • December 15th: Airdrop meteorites for free to whitelisted holders.
  • December 31st: Airdrop 6th species for free to holders: Ankylosaurus.
  • January 1st: Community DAO vote for 7th species.

1. What we have done so far:

  • Hand drawn dinosaurs and traits design on paper
  • Each accessory adapts to each species
  • Digitalization and color
  • Main site & Mint site

2. What we are doing right now or will happen in the next few days:

  • Whitelisting: riddles, competitions, quizzes, ruffles, fossil hunts among others
  • Minting 3 species
  • Listing in Digital Eyes
  • Mathematically correct rarity ranking service in third-party website
  • Airdropping 2 species for free to our holders
  • Start drawing 6th species

3. 65 Million Year future (important):


Dinosaurs lay eggs, we really hope you aren’t just finding out. Our holders don’t get priority access to future drops… THEY RECEIVE THE  SPECIES DIRECTLY FOR 0 SOL. We will be airdropping species to our holders.

DINO DAO. We chose 5 species to start with. We also defined the 6th one that the artists will start drawing after a well deserved rest (Ankylosaurus). The 7th will be decided by the community in a DAO.  Parasaurolophus? Canotaurus? Spinosaurus? Iguanudon? We want to migrate all dinosaurs species to the Solana chain, just because we love these creatures. All airdrops will be FREE for Dino holders, our artists can’t wait.  


All over the world there are organizations that manage paleontology expeditions. 65 Million Years will give grants to several organizations to help advance humanity’s expertise in giant vertebrates. As you taken note, we love our dinosaurs, and so we plan to do general donations and target lucky members of the 65 Million Years community. The first step to achieve this goal is going to be helping the amazing group: (


Not only the experts will get to enjoy Dinosaurs, we will also work to finance dino-related activities for the children. Through the help of our community, we will fund school trips to museums, after-school arts and craft programs, and even get them gear to go on their wonderful expeditions!


Cryptocurrencies have made the commerce of ideas easier than ever. You may have noticed we like riddles and scavenger hunts. It started millions of years ago, we were just hitting the tip of the iceberg in the cryptoverse and we come across this funny, creative guy. He would organize treasure hunts that would send you through different sites, Telegram groups, and following clues to finally arrive at the destination.

We will hold daily quick competitions and start with one large scavenger hunt. The latter will take place over several days and will allow for members to participate with a team. We hope to be the to-go place where people test their skills at problem-solving and have fun with friends. We will emerge from the depths of crypto, to the freedom that is the internet.

This marketplace will be where people can post their riddles, go look for famous treasure hunt creators to enjoy some deep thinking while looking through the metaverse for clues to the next find. You always want look for the one with the best reputation because that’s a solid challenge, while others may want to give a chance to the new project offering art-themed combos of riddles. The art will be free, but we will offer a donation button if anyone wants to show appreciation for the artists’ work. The marketplace will also serve the purpose of finding talent for businesses. Human Resource departments can use the riddles to help to assess their potential hires problem-solving skills.

If you are feeling excited about the project, you are not alone. We pulled 12958734583459 an all-nighter for this.

If you have any questions, please contact us on the Discord channel. Feedback of all kind is welcome.


What is 65 Million Years?

65 million years is a hand-drawn, randomly generated collection of 650 initial NFTs built on the Solana Blockchain. More species will be airdropped for free to our holders.

What is the minting price?

Whitelisted presale price: 0.5.
Public mint price: 0.65 SOL.

When does it launch?

Whitelisted presale: November 3rd.
Public mint: November 4th at 6 PM UTC  – 2PM EST.

How can I take part in minting?

You can mint by using the mint button on the website. This will take you to the minting website where you can mint. See full instructions here:

1. Go to the minting website.

2. Connect your Wallet (Solana Blockchain)

3. Once enabled, click on the Mint button.

4. Confirm transaction.

You can mint as many as you want, just once at a time.

How can I get a Solana wallet?

There are many popular wallets on Solana. Full instructions can be found here:

Will I be able to sell my NFT on a marketplace?

Yes. We are initially going to list on Digital Eyes and Magic Eden. Other options are being considered.

How do I check the rarity of my dino?

We have partnerships lined up with rarity tools that will be announced once minting has finished.

How can I get whitelisted for minting?

There are multiple ways to get whitelisted, from participating in community games to inviting people of Discord.

Check the #how-to-whitelist channel on Discord adn Twitter for updates.

What does the whitelist mean?
Whitelist participants will get earlier access to mint NFTs before it goes public.
How can I contact the team?

Please send an email to You can also reach out to the team on Discord, or by our Twitter account.